Akore Berliner | CPA

37c7109AB CPA’s principal, Akore Berliner, is a CPA offering tax solutions to businesses and individuals. Akore is a real estate and small business tax specialist. In addition to her CPA license, Akore holds a Master’s degree in Taxation from San Diego State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the State University of New York at Albany. After gaining several years of experience at a “Big” accounting firm and boutique CPA firms, she started her own practice in 2007.

Akore strives to provide her clients with a resource for businesses and individuals to turn to for solid, real-world tax advice. Being a small business owner, she finds she can relate to her clients and give them real world advice with a very personal touch.

Akore has also developed a course which she teaches at UCSD Extension as well as Woodbury University In their graduate program for real estate developers/architects. It’s a great class trying to help non-accountants understand the important aspects to use in their day to day lives as real estate professionals. She currently teaches 2 other tax classes at UCSD Extension as well -Taxation of the Business of the Entity and Individual Taxation.

Teaching entity tax for over 5 years and doing thousands of entity returns and advising hundreds of clients, has made Akore a specialist in this area. She knows the pitfalls and the red flags.

“Throughout the years I have learned that I don’t necessarily ‘do taxes’ for a living, instead, I help people make their lives easier, from a tax perspective.”

When Akore is not in the office she enjoys cooking, eating, reading, yoga, and snowboarding when tax season permits.

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