Don’t pay more tax than the law requires!

If you do not have a thoughtful CPA, you are probably paying too much income tax.

Adding a CPA to your business resources helps you save money and relieve stress. We do this by helping you avoid mistakes and keeping you aware.

Over the years helping San Diego businesses we have identified 5 common tax and accounting pitfalls that bring unneeded stress to business owners. We can help you avoid them.

The Top 5 tax mistakes made by businesses

  1. A poorly prepared tax return increases tax, enhances audit risk, or impairs borrowing power
  2. Lack of a solid tax plan costs business owners countless dollars
  3. Improperly set owner compensation causes excess self-employment taxes to be paid or costly penalties
  4. 4. Lack of awareness of deadlines causes cash flows to be mismanaged
  5. 5. Use of the wrong entity triggers countless tax and paperwork struggles

Our experience helping businesses deal with the ramifications of these mistakes has enabled us to develop specific and tested strategies to avoid these common snafus.

We specifically address each of these 5 problems with a direct solution:

  1. Tax returns prepared thoughtfully and accurately to reduce the risk of audits and minimize tax
  2. Tax strategies to plan for big savings rather than wait for them to just happen
  3. “Reasonable Compensation” analysis with a real world perspective to ensure you're paying the right level of Self-Employment taxes to avoid audit but still pay your fair share
  4. New business tax and accounting assessment of your business model to advice you on best practices and establish a good starting point
  5. Entity Choice consultation with your tax and accounting needs in mind to choose the right entity for YOU (not just the same entity everyone else is using)

A thoughtful CPA can save you thousands of dollars every year. By taking the time to understand your business style, we can custom fit tax advice for you. We spend time developing an awareness, strategizing, and balancing your tax needs versus your business needs. Never breaking rules, always minimizing your tax bill whenever possible.

Taxes are more than just numbers in boxes. Your business taxes should be a thoughtful and planned process. AB CPA offers thoughtful tax guidance. We teach our clients how to maximize cash on hand with carefully planned payroll and withholding. Hold cash longer with little or no penalty from the IRS. All with some thoughtful, caring advice.

AB CPA, Inc. is business tax specialist. With nearly 20 years of experience advising businesses in San Diego, AB CPA, Inc. can ensure you that your tax bill is the best it can be. Top quality tax advising makes sure that you don’t pay one dollar more than necessary in tax. Add AB CPA to your team today!

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