New Business Tax Strategy

Many new businesses lose money due lack of planning and awareness.

Are you looking for clarification of the tax and accounting rules relating to your business? Did you recently start a business? Will an LLC or Corporation save you money?

Start your new business off on the right foot with a CPA hundreds of San Diego businesses turn to for real world, understandable tax and accounting advice.Bad accounting and lack of trusted tax advice can cost your business thousands of tax dollars.

AB CPA Tax Service is here to answer all of your tax questions and take the
stress out of taxes.  As an tax entity specialist, we meet with hundreds of new business owners every year. We know the common pit falls and not so common tricks to help your new business start off saving.

We offer a one on one brainstorming session to ensure your business is doing all it can to mitigate taxes.  A tax advisor will meet with you to answer all of your tax and accounting questions. Bring a list of questions!  We are am an open book in these meetings. If you are unsure of what to even ask, don’t worry – we will just talk to you about your business and TELL YOU what to ask.

Common topics include:

• Brainstorm the proper entity

• When is the right time for an S election

• Best practices for bookkeeping

• Accounting Software discussion

• Business Expenses (what quali?es)

• Tax planning – macro level

• Multiple business and how to juggle them

Clients leave these brainstorming sessions feeling comforted and empowered. We strive to take the worry away from your tax and accounting by listening carefully and addressing your speci?c concerns.  Taxes are more than just numbers in boxes.  Your businesses taxes should be a thoughtful and planned processes.  AB CPA offers thoughtful, trustworthy tax advice.

AB CPA Tax Service is business tax return specialist.  With nearly 15 years of experience preparing business returns in San Diego AB CPA Tax Service can ensure that your tax return is the best it can be. Top quality tax advising makes sure that you don’t pay one dollar more than necessary in tax.  Contact AB CPA today!

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